Frequently Asked Questions

After email confirmation I am unable to sign in to the Portal

Sometimes browsers (IE, Edge, Firefox and Chrome) will retain usernames and passwords from previously used sites. Simply enter manually the username and password you used to setup your Synchroniz account and you should then be signed in.

Why are my images not showing?

For images to show the first consideration is that the part number and the image file name must match exactly. We find that if the part number has hyphens or special characters it is possible that a space is added (in some cases by Microsoft Excel without your knowledge). Best practice is to compare your part number and the file name of your images – keep in mind the image files may be suffixed with _1 or _2 and so on to indicate multiple images, so it is the actually part number we are interested in and not the multiple image indicators.

Some of my catalog items are not showing, where should I look?

Go to your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and find a known good catalog item (one that is successfully in your store) and then compare it to the catalog item that is not showing in your store. See if you can tell a difference and needed change – if you see a fix – then update the catalog item, save the spreadsheet and process another update.

Can I use HTML characters in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet cell?

Yes, however only in text only fields. You may want to improve the look of your descriptions – long and short. Please do not use HTML in part number, price cells. Overall it is better to input text only in your spreadsheet and then do the formatting at the store level.

Do all of my part numbers need to be unique?

Yes, each part number needs to be unique otherwise Synchroniz will update the first item and not the other items using the same part number.

Can I use UPC numbers as part numbers?

Yes as long as all the numbers used for part numbers are unique. And then use the same UPC number with a _1 or _2 (and so forth) to indicate multiple images and the order they should appear.

What size of image should I use?

Images can be whatever size you want (we do not recommend large file sizes as this will slow your updates). Today most image sizing is done on the web page. You may find you will need to connect with your store supplier or do some testing on this issue to arrive at the optimal size.

How quickly will my store update once I have processed my spreadsheet and images?

Synchroniz is very fast - we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is leading edge cloud technology, thus update time is dependent in most case on the number of catalog items you are processing and the size and number of image files you are submitting – we have seen non-peek updates process in under 5 minutes – however this may vary.

Where is my catalog content stored?

Your data is updated to your ecommerce or digital software solution and unless other provision have been made, your image library is stored on either an Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 or S3 instance in the folder designated when your profile was established.

Do you take ownership of my content or data?

No, simply put your content is yours – Synchroniz provides the services.

I can not see the Portal menu on my mobile device?

Currently by design the smallest screen the Portal is visible on is an iPad or similar size device.

My login is showing as disabled and I can't sign in?

It is likely that your trial or promotion has ended and you need to select a plan or perhaps there is some other payment issue.