Advanced Tax

Stay in compliance - Save time and reduce errors with automated sales tax calculations, reporting, and filing.

Paying taxes is a critical part of managing your business, but doing it right is complicated. Some of the most tedious tasks are, accurately calculating sales tax rates, classifying products, and managing multi-state filings.

Calculate accurate sales tax in real time

The high-performance sales tax calculation engine within this module is more than 99% accurate. Smart product classification suggests the right tax code for your products.

Track economic nexus across states

Our Nexus Insights Dashboard, along with notifications, help you monitor your nexus exposure. When you’re close to nexus in a new state, we recommend next steps.

Automate filing & remittance

Using AutoFile services you can automatically submit your returns and remittances to every state in which you’re registered, so you never miss a due date.

Access comprehensive sales tax reports

Automatically compile orders into one dashboard, giving you access to all your multichannel transactions, as well as state-by-state reports with city, county, and special district breakdowns.

Collect accurate sales tax at checkout

A real-time calculation engine and sales tax API provide, product-specific sales tax amounts every time.

Determine economic nexus

The Nexus Insights Dashboard and notifications help you stay ahead of your sales tax responsibilities by state.

Access sales tax reports

The reporting dashboard compiles data from all your channels to give you the most up-to-date view of your transactions and tax liability.

File and remit automatically

Using AutoFile you prepare and submit an accurate return and remittance for each state in which you’re enrolled.


  • This Advanced Tax module is powerd by TaxJar.
  • This Advanced Tax module adds support to Commerce for multi-state tax assessment and reporting.
  • Service fees apply.