SynchronizAPI Platform

Built using .NET Full Framework (v4.6.2), a JSON Web API stack.

It runs on Microsoft Windows Server, using a Microsoft SQL database layer. The front-end solutions have been developed on a variety of front-end frameworks including Bootstrap, Foundation, jQuery, JavaScript, CoreUI, and HTML5.

SynchronizAPI API Instance

SynchronizAPI Commerce can support a network of stores on other sites or similar sites. Or, simply use it in your organization to support a diverse set of devices in physical or web-based entities. Use a price profile on a store level and a profile for eCommerce by the person or account.

SynchronizAPI can be customized to any configuration needs using our developers or yours. The following are included features.

SynchronizAPI is not another Software as a Service (SaaS) commerce system. SynchronizAPI is installed on your AWS cloud server instance. Customized and managed by our team or yours. Regular updates applied. Your data, your licensed software, your way!