SynchronizAPI Commerce is designed for businesses and organizations. SynchronizAPI Commerce is a headless eCommerce software application developed and runs on the AWS cloud platform.

SynchronizAPI Commerce

SynchronizAPI Commerce is a multi-commerce solution. The API can rapidly define a complete eCommerce website and customize the site to integrate with the business or organization's web presence fully, plus any external services required. Retrieve products, variants, images, orders, customers, price profiles, and search by individual site, app, location. For one website or multiple sites are some of the features.

SynchronizAPI Commerce current features are as follows:

Customer Registration

Customer registration is part of the SynchronizAPI Platform. A comprehensive customer registration includes double verification, account management functions, multiple deliveries, and billing profiles.


SynchronizAPI Communications is a separate module. The ability to effectively communicate with customers, prospects, and stakeholders is key to most organizations' efforts. See SynchronizAPI Communications for more information.

Account Management

Comprehensive account management, including add, edit and delete multiple delivery and payment profiles. Complete order history, edit recently placed orders, and reorder previous orders.

To make it even easier, SynchronizAPI Commerce has an account mass upload feature to assist in quickly establishing your accounts or transferring accounts from another platform.

New accounts all have a price profile assigned. Then upon sign in, the account holder will see the regular price and their price as defined by the given price profile.

Account approvals

SynchronizAPI Commerce has a feature that allows site managers to approve all new accounts. This feature helps stem the flow of bad accounts.

This effortless but essential step ensures that all new accounts gain approval before any order. In addition, this approach lets the site manager know more about each account and make the proper assignments. Further, you do not waste time serving bad accounts, and the process can significantly reduce exposure to fraudulent activities.

Price profiles

SynchronizAPI Commerce supports standard and custom price profiles. Each new approved account is assigned a price profile. This profile can be a standard or a completely custom profile covering specific brands, categories and at a percentage or fixed pricing.

For example, a high-volume account on your website may have a better price point than an account that orders a few items occasionally.

Upon sign-in, the effect of the price profile is evident for each item on a Commerce store detail page, a retail and account holder price shows. This approach will also support a supplier's minimum advertised price (MAP).

API token based site network

With the SynchronizAPI token-based network, tokens organize content by website and locations within a website.

As an example, the account may have a database of 5,000 items. Still, on one or more specific websites within the token network, you may want to make only 500 of these items available out of the entire 5,000. Then the API tokening system will narrow the products for a website based on specified criteria.

The API tokening system controls each website's domain usage. A token must fully authorize the domain for use with the SynchronizAPI Platform.

Each token supports four domains.


SynchronizAPI Commerce can support all major payment gateway systems. Included are payment gateways from Square and PayPal. In addition, there is a company account payment selection for those offering terms to all or a select set of accounts.

A separate page in the SynchronizAPI Portal permits payment processing for amounts not tied to an order or any products from the Commerce store.


Reorder feature allows an existing account to quickly place a Commerce store order for products they have previously purchased. First, the latest price and previous quantity are listed. Then reordered and new items can be processed in the same transaction.


Target: Winter 2022

  • Enhanced SynchronizAPI Commerce Portal
  • Add and enhance retail marketing and site management.
  • Connection of 3rd party API's for tax and logistics