Communication for most organizations is where it all starts. Staying in touch with stakeholders provides the energy to propel any organization.

SynchronizAPI Communications

A component of the Communications module is the registration database that is part of the API platform. Adding records to the registration database can be either bulk or from a website or administration input screen. The strength of maintaining your registration data in one system is that you will not be importing and exporting data to other applications which are often not under your control - and not private.

The Communications module is for email marketing. Shortly we will be adding Twilio Flex for SMS text and conversations - all within the SynchronizAPI Communications module.

Create dynamic emails using your custom templates. Segment your customer database, then easily tailor and send emails to each segment fast.

Communication Module Features

Email Marketing

Create dynamic emails using your custom templates. Segment your customer database. Easily send a tailored email to each segment. For example, perhaps you have an overstock on a product – a quick email to the right customers and prospects might help clear that inventory. Or, you have an event coming up, and you want to remind members to attend and give details.

List Management

List management is an important feature that allows you to segment registration accounts into permanent or flexible lists. Then, as new registrations are added, each list is updated automatically - no need to import to refresh your lists.

If the Commerce module is present, you have additional list manager fields that permit segmentation by products purchased, by date, by area, and custom searches are available on request.

Campaign Management

Rather than complete registration data, perhaps you only have an email address list to which you want to send a message. The Communications module has a feature allowing this quick approach to get information out.


records can be selected and saved to a named list for current and later use. Each time the list is selected the registration database is queried to include the latest records which meet the list criteria. A combination of registration, email, and purchase information is available to select from in the creation of a list.

Template Management

Rather than enduring the limitations of a basic editor, we have both an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor and a sophisticated HTML editor to create more customized templates. Or, you can use them both together by invoking a template and simply adding text.

The template manager allows you to create and store an unlimited number of templates and then recall and use them with a few clicks.

You can merge registration information into each template and thus send a more personalized email.

Send Report

After each marketing email, you can view a monitor with real-time email tracking information. This report contains information about the number sent and other essential information.


Unsubscribe and opt-out are possible. Unsubscribe is triggered by a link on the bottom of each email, while the opt-out function is part of the registration manager, which the customer controls. Importantly since you are not importing and exporting, there will be greater integrity in your unsubscribe lists.


Target: Winter 2021

  • Chat for customer assistance - desktop and mobile
  • Implementation of Twilio SMS Text API - Implementation of Twilio SMS Text API - both blast and conversational texting with record in customers file