The SynchronizAPI Dashboard revolves around your core of customer information which leverages internal systems and external API’s to deliver tools to help you run your business more efficiently, with greater command and precision. Your business at a glance.

SynchronizAPI Executive Dashboard

In a world awash in data it’s important to have a way to filter the information that is most vital to you and your organization so it can be easily and quickly accessed in support of highly informed decision making.

With The SynchronizAPI Dashboard, you can make sense of massive amounts of data and make fact-based decisions in real-time. Sometimes known as strategic dashboards, they use a graphical interface. This information allows managers to get a big picture view of the organizations Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Presented mostly on a single screen. The customizable interface should has the ability to pull data from multiple sources, such as; website analytics, email sending, payment gateways, banking, texting as well as others to name just a few.

There are three criteria to help you establish the KPIs to include on your dashboard. First, they should relate directly to your organization's goals. Second, they should be quantitative and quantifiable. Most importantly, KPIs should be linked directly to the measurement of the organization's success.

A business intelligence dashboard is a data visualization tool that displays on a single screen the status of business analytics metrics, key performance indicators, and important data points for an organization, department, team, or process.